Sunday, March 18, 2012

Goodbye Weekend :(

While this weekend was nothing spectacular, I am very sad to see it go. Especially the not waking up to an alarm part. The good thing about the past two days was I became very knowledgable on a few subjects, mostly biochemistry because I have an exam this Tuesday. I also picked up a few facts on what an apicoectomy is.

So last night as a study break (because I am a NERD and studied on St. Patty's Day) I decided to look up what exactly an apicoectomy is. Apparently, they lift off the gum tissue from the very tip of the root of the infected tooth. I've read in certain cases they need to drill through the bone to get to the root, but all of the pictures which I have looked at show them going straight through the bone. Needless to say I had a panic attack. If there is one thing that I cannot do it's dental work. I've had one too many bad absolutely terrible experiences to go in with a clear head. The best part is that I have my appointment scheduled for May 19th but I am calling tomorrow to see if they can move it up because the pain and swelling is so bad it throbbed all day yesterday. Maybe I should ask them to prescribe me sedatives.

Another good part about this weekend was I studied outside all day yesterday in the absolutely beautiful weather! As a study break my roommate and I decided to make shamrocks and put them on everyones car that was parked on our street. One person went to her car, did a double take when she saw the shamrock, got in and drove off. About an hour later she came back and the shamrock was still there! That made it totally worth it. It was all my roommates idea too, I don't want any credit.

I must say one thing that makes the weekend coming to a close just a little better is Desperate Housewives on Sunday nights. Yes I am totally watching it now and writing this in between commercials.

PS: April is coming sooner than I thought it was going to. You know what that means, right? The A to Z Challenge! Hopefully my science theme will go as well as I think its going to. Do you have a theme? Any particular days that you are super excited for?


Jeremy Bates said...

Demerol is best for pain of teeth and/or dental surgery. Oooooh, I hate dental work! The sound of drills drives mt batty and makes me nervous.

Speaking of dentists, were you aware that they have the highest suicide rate in the world? Weird.

Finally, my weekends consist of an alarm clock named 'Tiger.' He is a friendly feline who insures that I am not late for his breakfast.

Jennifer Macfarlan said...

I had no idea dentists have the highest suicide rate. I can think of a few reasons why though...

Feline alarm clocks are MUCH better, in my opinion, than electronic ones. I have one named Neko :)

Thanks for the advice on the meds too, that will definitely come in handy!

Gossip_Grl said...

I left you the Versitile Blogger gift. If you want it just pop over : )

Judy said...

Sorry about your tooth - drugs are an absolute must :)

Jennifer Macfarlan said...

Gossip_Grl - Thanks so much for the award!!

Judy - I feel like I'm going to buy the pharmacy out of all the pain medication because drugs certainly are a must!