Thursday, March 29, 2012

Public Transportation

I yell at you for not letting me cross the street when you were clearly there first, you run red lights and almost run me over. I leave at 1:15 to try to catch a train at 1:49, your trolly decides to not show up until 1:35. Oh what a twisted track we both ride. For a brief second we seemed to be friends today, when you dropped me off early at my destination and arrived on schedule to pick me up. But alas it was short lived, as your trollies decided once again to not show up. My dearest SEPTA, remember last year when you sent your trolly track workers to do construction at 3:00am at a location that happened to be just outside my bedroom window? I do. To our future, my lovely form of public transportation! May Philadelphia and it's surrounding areas love you just as much as I do. We have the possibility of a friendly future, just as long as you don't run me over and I don't steal your windshield wiper like that crazy guy last month did.


Jeremy Bates said...

Arrrrrrrrrh! Public transport is the pits most of the time. You are at the whims of schedulers, engineers and lackadaisical drivers...not to mention arrogant passengers who slow down the system.

Speaking of construction, how is it that the time you really desire (and need) peace, some dilweed is outside pounding, hammering and/or otherwise making a racket that would awaken the dead undead?

Jennifer Macfarlan said...

You have it exactly right! Road work crews seem to know when you need sleep the most, and that's when they strike.

Shaun_ShutterBug said...

Hi Jenifer, looks like your 1 place above me in the AtoZ challenge list. Good luck and look forward to following along with you blog.
Shaun @

Anna Smith said...

Geez 3am, is that even allowed? I'd go down the and kick some butt lol! :)