Monday, June 11, 2012

And Then I Was 21

Normally getting a year older doesn't really make me feel much different. I am still the same person, it's just another day that happens to make me one year older. This year though, it was a whole different story. Turning 21 makes the world a completely different place. There is nothing that you can't do anymore! Except break the law and murder people and stuff (but who really wants to do that anyway?).

Going to the bar was probably the oddest feeling ever. As I was sitting there I felt like I was there illegally. It didn't feel like real life ordering a drink and handing my ID over. That was probably the best feeling in the world to get my drink. Since I've turned 21 I've been to seven bars. Is that bad? Oh well, you only turn 21 once! Now all I need to do is go to the casino.

Do you remember when you turned 21? How did you celebrate? Did it feel just as weird as mine did?


Hazel said...

Aww happy birthday! I'll be turning 21 soon too but it won't be as surreal as you because we're allowed to drink from 18!

Gossip_Grl said...

Happy Birthday. You sound alot like my daughter when she turned 21. She said her friends took her to a bar, and once there she didn't really feel all that excited. :)

Misha Gericke said...

For me, turning 18 was like that. In South Africa, there's nothing that can't be done after that age. Except that I needed parents to co-sign for a few things.