Thursday, September 13, 2012

Vacation 2012

Finally! It seemed like it took forever to get here, but I finally went to the beach this past weekend. As a northeast coaster, my choices are limited to New York, New Jersey, Delaware, and Maryland. Others are just way too far of a drive for me. I've only been to a select few but Ocean City Maryland is by far number one. It just so happens that's where I went this weekend as well!

That was what I woke up to Friday morning. The ocean is beautiful, the sand is clean, and I don't have to worry about stepping on tiny, razor-sharp shells (which kind of sucks if you like to find them on the shore).
Where I ate breakfast every morning (and gained 10lbs).
My nephew sitting on his dad's lap "stabbing" me with a knife.

My last morning in Maryland.

There was a terrible storm that was suppose to come in the area Saturday night, which made the entire day very windy. It wasn't nearly as bad as they were making it out to be though, only some rain. The storm did make the rip currents even worse, so we did not go swimming Saturday. The hurricane made it bad enough that on Friday I kept getting knocked over. Of course that just made it more fun!

I had such a great time! Where did you go on vacation this summer?


Anna Smith said...

It looks amazing. Would love to go there some day :)

Gossip_Grl said...

Sounds like a great vacation. :) We love the beaches of Deleware also- Bethany, Lewes, Dewey Beaches! :) We haven't been in years. Was hoping to get there this year, but the weather never cooperated so we only went camping in the mountains.