Sunday, November 13, 2011

Rekindling an Old Fire

...Just kidding. My past with you is in the past for a reason. I figured that maybe when I told you I no longer wished to be friends with you and deleted you from Facebook, my phone, and any other form of communication or other route of acknowledgment, that you would go on your merry little way and, if we were to ever see each other for some strange reason, we would pass as if the other didn't exist. But no. You had to ask if I was ignoring you and get all sorts of offended when I told you that yes, I indeed was. You make me angry on a level which few other people have succeeded in doing.

Ranting makes me feel so much better. Also, why is there never any parking in Philadelphia? On the slight chance that a parking spot would be found there is almost always either a "No Parking" sign or a fire hydrant within fifteen feet. It doesn't help that my apartment is surrounded by 2 hour parking only. I looked into getting a parking permit which allows one to ignore 2 hour parking signs but of course the vehicle being inquired about must be registered within the Philadelphia area. That certainly does not help me out since my vehicle is still under my mother's name and she does not live anywhere even remotely close to Philadelphia. So why not get the vehicle registered under my name, one might ask? My car insurance would sky rocket. Also there is no point in registering it to an address which I will be living at for less than a year when I have a permanent address back home. So now not only do I have to worry about studying for my biochemistry quiz tomorrow, which I have yet to do, but I have to worry about sitting outside and staking out a parking spot. I love the fucking city.

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