Monday, December 5, 2011

I Do All My Best Thinking in the Shower

It's very true. When I'm studying for finals I come up with questions, I philosophize (is that a real word?), and I always seem to remember important things that I had otherwise forgotten. But this is not the main focus of tonights post. Tonights post is about role models. Who is your role model? I was thinking about this today (while in the shower, of course) and I've come to the conclusion that I have a couple role models.

The first is my sister. She is the one person who completely understands me, and accepts me just the way I am. I can always lean on her when I need to (and I hope she realizes that she can do the same) and we talk about anything and everything. Not only is she someone that I can look up to as a generally good person but she is also a terrific mother and she has a marriage that most people only dream about. They really love each other, enough to do anything for the other person; that's something that you don't find every day. My sister means the world to me and I love her to death. Honestly I got a little upset when she got pregnant because I thought that since she was starting a family, that meant that there wasn't enough room for me and I wouldn't be able to come over just to hang out anymore. Now I realize that it gives me even more of a reason to go over and hang out. I would do anything for her.

The next is my cousin Adrienne. She's a pretty cool person. She went to college at University of Pittsburg, was successful (which is something I'm currently striving to accomplish), she has a good job, and from what I can tell a good life altogether. I feel that she knows what I'm going through right now, with the studying until 4am for two weeks straight, the constant pressure from having everything due at the same time, and just all around being stressed out to your wits end. She has been there, she has done it! I can look at Adrienne and know that if she can make it out successful, I can most likely do the same thing. Sometimes I really do wonder how she accomplished four years of this crap while still staying sane. It just feels really nice to have someone that I can look up to and strive to be like that understands how important good grades are (corny, but true).

Then there's always my parents, but that is self explanatory. Life wasn't always butterflies and rainbows for them (especially raising me) but they managed somehow, I can do the same.

So those are my role models. Each one important to me in a different way, but still having the same overall effect on my life. And this is something to make everyone smile :)
My nephew, always willing to smile for the camera! Sitting outback on the patio by the fire.

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