Saturday, December 10, 2011

I See The Light!

The light being the end of the semester, that is. Finals week has arrived and I am more prepared for my eight finals than I have ever been. USciences will not get the best of me!

What is it about living on your own that changes your perspective? I tried to move my cat in a couple of months ago (he did NOT like the change of scenery) and I changed his litter box every time he used it, gave him fresh water at least two times a day, and made sure he was all sorts of loved. At my parents house it was a fight to get me to change his litter box, and while I did change his water once a day I feel like it should have been changed more often. So this makes me think: since my responsibilities have made a huge improvement, this means that I can get a dog! After I graduate, get a job, and get myself all settled that is. I was never really a dog person but I do think they are adorable. The reason why I never really wanted one because they are a lot of work. They need to be walked daily, bathed once a month or so, their poop needs to be picked up, all stuff I am not a fan of doing (and the bathing I will probably just forget about). Cats are so much simpler. Feed them, give them water and freedom, and all you need to do is be there to cuddle with. I miss my cat a lot, he's a very good cuddler.
This is the old grump himself. When I was home for Thanksgiving break any clothes that I left sitting on my bed, the floor, or anywhere for that matter he would wrap himself up in. That is no small feat for a cat his size. I miss him.

Once this semester is over I will be an extremely happy camper. Eight finals plus a final project make for a stressful end. Next semester shouldn't be nearly as stressful as this one. I will only be taking three hard science classes (genetics, intermediary biochemistry, and database design) along with a GPA booster (Power, Democracy, and Oppression), and hopefully another humanities course. I was going to take another psychology class but I think I want to try for a minor in humanities rather than psychology. I am suppose to be taking a communications class but I already took public speaking at my local community college when I was in high school so I figured I would finally get those credits transferred over.

Best part about going home? Seeing this face:

He makes any day better :)

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