Sunday, January 15, 2012

And So It Begins

I am back in Philadelphia for round two of junior year. It has been nothing but a whirlwind of emotions while shopping and packing up to come back. My family and I decided that while one car load of shit got me home, we would need two cars to get me back (one with all my clothes and other crap and one with all my groceries). It's just hard to believe a month has already passed, especially since I still feel broke (in more than one way).

Not to mention I was robbed of a whole week. I'm not sure if it was the flu because I've never had it before, but wow did whatever virus I caught suck. I woke up last Sunday morning and felt fine except my entire body hurt and I was nauseas. So I did what any normal person would do: take some Advil and go to work. Work was barely a success and I was in pain the entire time, medicine or not. Got home around 10:15pm and had a 103 degree fever. Had a hard time sleeping because of the extreme pain all my muscles were in, but luckily had off from work that Monday. Ended up going into work on Tuesday, felt fine. Stayed out a little too late Tuesday night, woke up Wednesday and wanted to die (of course I had off). Ended up going to the doctor, got a note to stay home from work Thursday, still felt like dog shit, went to work Friday. Felt fine ever since! Still, I was completely ripped off a week of vacation by being bed/couch ridden.

The illness also caused me to get back to Philly late. I was suppose to go back yesterday evening but I had to do all my shopping and packing yesterday because I couldn't leave the house all week. But we left early in the morning, ate a delicious breakfast, and made it to Philly safely. I got parking right out in front of my apartment too, which is extremely rare. So, if I look at that as a sign, this semester should go well, right?

We shall see. This semesters lineup includes:
Biochemistry 2
Power, Democracy, and Oppression
Database Design
It doesn't seem like that much, compared to last semester. One of those classes is going to have to go though, my database design class was scheduled for the same time that my communications class is scheduled for. Go figure, I'm stuck in between a rock and a hard place yet again.

I do have some resolutions for this semester though. I am a drama queen; I always make a mountain out of a mole hole. My goal is to tame that, to look at the whole picture before I reach and when doing said reaction, making sure it is the proper one. I would also like to stop procrastinating but we all know how that ends up. The first couple weeks, month if I'm lucky, I keep up on all my work and do fine, and then I start getting lazy and waiting until the last minute. Hopefully I can make this last a little longer this semester.

Wish me luck!

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