Sunday, January 22, 2012

Dear Upstairs Neighbors:

Shut up. I don't care to hear you screaming in your language all day. Are you wrestling up there, or do you just like to rearrange your furniture every Saturday and Sunday morning? Ask me why I vacuum every morning at 9am, I dare you.

Anyway, I have decided to set a personal goal for this semester. I would like to lose ten pounds by the end of the semester. The semester goes from January 16th to May 4th. It seems like a very reasonable goal to accomplish and I intend to do so by eating healthier than I normally do. With eating healthy comes better skin as well. Kill two birds with one stone? Works for me. I already try to pack my lunch every day that I'm forced to eat on campus. It saves money and I actually get to eat something good. I do need to think of ways to spice up my lunch, a turkey sandwich with goldfish and a blueberry granola bar just isn't cutting it every day. The other stuff I have in my apartment is little bags of chips (I know, not to healthy) and rice crispy treats (once again, not a winner). Maybe I will switch out the goldfish for an applesauce. I have some time. I really want this to work.

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Anonymous said...

Nuts are good for you and a good study nosh food! Grapes are a good hand/mouth food too, plus any fruit is good for you.
Good luck!! Km rooting for you!