Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Long Time No See, My Friend

I just realized that I haven't updated this since I went on break. I feel like such a terrible person, because I have so many readers and all.

Anyway, I have recently taken up working full time. It's been fun. A normal day at my job (about 200 times):
Me: Can I get anything else for you.
Customer: No.
Me: Do you have a rewards card.
Customer: No.
Me: Debit or credit.
Customer: Credit.
Me: Need a bag.
Customer: No.
Ten seconds later...
Customer: Can I have a bag?
Me: No (or at least that's what I wish I could say).

If you aren't going to pay attention to what I'm asking, don't come to my register. My job right now is why I am going to college.

But other than work nothing really interesting has happened during break. I did learn that people never change and you really can't fix being an asshole. That should come in handy in the future. Other than that though, nothing interesting. Bonded with an unexpected person. There are only two weeks left of winter break...bring it on.

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