Monday, February 13, 2012

I Have No Life

I found that when I go home for the weekend the rest of the world doesn't exist. I don't go on the computer, I don't use my cell phone unless someone calls me or it's very important, and I don't really go anywhere except my sister's house, work, and the occasional store. The part that's even more alarming that that is I don't seem to ever do any school work at home either. So, what do I do might you ask? Friday I pulled into my driveway, dropped my stuff off inside, and went over to visit my sister. After a couple hours I received a phone call from a girl I work with and we talked then went out to dinner. Then it was work and TV for the rest of the weekend. I have an extremely exciting life.

I did get a super cool new cup this weekend though!
It closes and everything! Very convenient for throwing into my book bag and carrying around all day.

Tonight's agenda includes studying until all hours so I can do well on my two exams and quiz tomorrow. I figure I don't have anything after 3pm tomorrow so I can nap the afternoon away. Might as well put all my effort into getting a good grade on my first exam in both classes, right? So, in an attempt to study glycolysis this is what I did:

This took me about an hour. Everything is color coordinated. Substrates are blue, enzymes are red, yields are purple. Green is explanations or side notes. I'm so proud of this that I've been showing it to everyone. Now, to get back to studying.

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