Sunday, February 19, 2012

Lazy Sunday

Have you ever smacked your head on something and it made a loud noise but it didn't actually hurt that much? That just happened to me. It was about 10 minutes ago and I thought the pain would slowly start but nope! Pain free! Unfortunately, now I don't have the excuse of a headache to get out of doing all my homework today.

I haven't made a To Do list so I'm going off of memory:

  • Finish writing biochem lab report
  • Work on study questions for psychopharmacology
  • Study for my exam tomorrow (oops, forgot about that)
  • Finish my database design project 2
  • Study genetics for my quiz tomorrow (although I always fail those)
  • Biochem study guide
There's probably more that I just don't remember. It's a good thing I woke up early today and have all day to accomplish these! I decided to leave early this morning to go back to Philly (I had to go home to get my taxes done) so that I could get a good parking spot. We all know how awesome parking is in Philadelphia because of that lovely show Parking Wars on A&E I believe. PPA has gotten their fair share of money out of me. Last Sunday I ended up parking three, almost four blocks away from my apartment because it was the only spot I could find that wasn't two hour parking. This week, since I got back early, I got parking right in front of my building. Try giving me a ticket now, PPA!

Also, a special thank you to my brother-in-law (but really just brother because he's basically been a part of my family for over half my life) for putting air in my tires this weekend! One of my tires was at 18 psi. Oops!

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