Friday, February 24, 2012

The Ugly Stress Monster, But an Interesting Find

It's back, and full force at that. I have a genetics exam this coming Tuesday and I am thoroughly concerned. It's on seven chapters. There are so many different theories and concepts to memorize that I don't know how it's humanly possible to contain all that information.

I did learn something very interesting this week though! Apparently doctors can remove one hemisphere of the brain without many negative side effects. Due to the brain's plasticity it can rewire the neuronal connections that naturally occur in the hemisphere removed to that of the hemisphere left in the skull. The cavity fills with cerebrospinal fluid. I learned this in my Psychology of Human Development class and watched a video about a child who suffered from severe seizures that did not respond to medication. They removed one hemisphere of her brain and within ten days of surgery she left the hospital and was walking. The human body is simply incredible. I found an article on it, but it's a bit dated (May 2007). Here's the link. This is why I want to be a scientist, to discover just how incredible the things we see and use everyday really are.

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