Thursday, September 1, 2011

Classes Have Started

So it took me a couple days but I finally thought of something to write about (are these things suppose to be updated every day or what?). I'm going to make lists!

10 things I want to do before I die:
1. Fall in love. Corny, I know, but deep down inside it's every girls dream
2. Graduate with my sanity and preferably no grey hair
3. Visit Egypt
4. Buy a new car with cash
5. Be satisfied with the job I choose to be as my career
6. Go on vacation for some extended amount of time where there are no cell phones or computers
7. Go to Disney World
8. See Deftones in concert again
9. Have a kid
10. Be completely content with myself as is

10 pet peeves:
1. When people don't listen to me when I speak and ask me to repeat myself over and over
2. When I get blamed for something that I didn't do
3. Slurping noises. Ew.
4. People who feel the need to lie about everything
5. When your friends blow off your plans at the last second
6. Going on a first date and having to drive us. I might be very old school in thinking this, but I truly believe that the guy should drive, at least on the first date.
7. Noisy roommates when you're trying to sleep
8. Mumbling on the phone. Or really just in general
9. Bluegrass music
10. Racism

Is it sad that those were really hard to come up with? They are also in no particular order; I just wrote them down as they came to me. So, tomorrow will be my fourth day of classes for the semester. Was late for my first class on the first day, that was a good first impression. Haven't been late since though. Maybe choosing to live twenty minutes from campus was a mistake, it will certainly be a wonder if I don't get robbed this year. Well obviously my ability to write has gone to shit tonight, so that's it.

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