Wednesday, September 14, 2011


My apartment has cockroaches. Last night I got chased down our mile long hallway by it. My roommate swooped in to save the day with a can of raid. They are rather intimidating. This thing was the size of a petri dish, I kid you not. It gave me a pretty nasty nightmare as well, which makes me not all to crazy about going to sleep tonight. Then today I got a text message from my roommate which said she saw another one but couldn't catch it with the raid before it disappears. I am not a fan of creepy crawlies.

I'm gaining weight again. I worked so hard to lose 20 pounds this summer and now it's all going to shit because I haven't been working out. The gym is so far away from my apartment though that I feel like I don't have enough time before or after class to run there and back and still get all of my daily activities done along with getting a proficient amount of sleep. I need advice on what I should do. Earlier this week I was contemplating going running each morning but what happens when it starts getting lighter later in the day? Philadelphia is not a safe place to go running in the dark, especially since I can't run very fast. I'm not sure what I'm going to do but I need to think of something before all my hard work ends up to be for nothing.

So, 10 things I should be doing instead of writing this:
1. Typing my Belief and Thought notes
2. Writing my Python program
3. Writing my Biochemistry lab report (both of them) and the prelab for next week
4. Looking over the Pestilence project for Microbiology
5. Reading my Genomics book.
6. Reading the second and third chapter in my Biochemistry textbook
7. Reading the first chapter in my Python book
8. Writing my Philosophy paper
9. Studying for my Microbiology quiz, or quizzes I should say
10. Organizing my planner and writing down dates for quizzes, exams, and projects.

There's so much more too. My To Do list is so big I don't even know where to start. I have three quizzes in Micro this week and next week. It's the third week of classes and I'm already overwhelmed with work; I'm not sure what stroke of genius I had when I decided to take 20 credits but I needed to not do that and since Drop-Add is over there's no way that I can get out of any of it. I'm incredibly scared for the rest of the semester. Seeing my infinite (or aperion, as the Greeks put it) list of things to do this might be it for a while. We shall see.

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