Thursday, October 6, 2011

To Be or Not to Be, that Is the Question

Three day weekend woohoo!! It is truly an exciting event on Usciences campus (formerly USP). I still hold strong that I applied to USP, I was accepted to USP, that is what should appear on my diploma. If I get Usciences I will be upset. And they wonder why nobody knows who we are...maybe if the school didn't change their name every ten or so years people would actually remember us.

I'm getting a hair cut on Saturday! To get it cut short, or to just get a trim, that is the question. I've been searching for inspiration lately. Not many things motivate me, I tend to lag in my work and finish projects and homeworks the night before they are due. While I know this is not a very good habit to get into I can't seem to motivate myself to do anything about them. It's too early in the semester to be fried, I know this, but nothing seems to be working. I have a quiz tomorrow in biochemistry. Studied for a total of two hours. I have so many ideas for things that I could do to make my grades better but I never actually implement them. I'm not failing, I'm still at a B average, but I feel that since I'm barely trying to attain these B's I can definitely get A's. I'd have to say my friend Kourtney is by far my biggest inspiration. That girl deserves everything she gets because she works for it. If I had the motivation that she does I would be fine. But I don't. My to do list is longer than the post it note that it's written on.

The weather has been so crazy lately. At the beginning of the week it was cold and rainy and now it's warm during the day, which makes me wonder why I started off in long sleeves and boots, but cold at nights and in the morning. I still need my heavy blanket for when I sleep. I do love wearing my boots though, they feel amazing on my feet. And the comfiness goes all the way up onto my legs which makes them so much better! The best part about it getting cold outside is getting to wear my boots, hands down. I also got a new jacket which looks very nice on, so I'm rather excited to start breaking that out.

This post is so conceited, it's all about me.

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